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I Blanes Tournament - Golden Cup - 2004
Memorial └lex Ros - September 2-5, 2004
Day 1Italy Germany7-1
 Blanes HCFUnited States9-2
 Germany France2-4

Day 2Catalonia United States9-1
 France Italy3-9
 Blanes HCFCatalonia6-1

5th-6th placesGermany United States6-3
Semifinal 1Italy Catalonia2-3
Semifinal 2Blanes HCFFrance2-1

3rd-4th placesFranceItaly 1-6
FinalCataloniaBlanes HCF3-2
 2.   Blanes HCF
 3.   Italy
 4.   France
 5.   Germany
 6.   United States
II Blanes Tournament - Grup Tarradellas Cup - 2005
Memorial └lex Ros - June 30th to July 3rd, 2005
Day 1Italy Reno World Stars2-3
 SwitzerlandBlanes HCF1-4
 Reno World StarsArgentina6-6

Day 2Catalonia Switzerland6-2
 Argentina Italy1-1
 Blanes HCFCatalonia1-1

5th-6th placesItaly Switzerland5-2
Semifinal 1CataloniaArgentina7-6
Semifinal 2Blanes HCFReno World Stars2-2

3rd-4th placesArgentinaReno World Stars4-3
FinalCataloniaBlanes HCF2-0
 2.   Blanes HCF
 3.   Argentina
 4.   Reno World Stars
 5.   Italy
 6.   Switzerland
III Blanes Tournament - Grup Tarradellas Cup - 2006
Memorial └lex Ros - June 29th to July 2nd, 2006
Men competition
Day 1Italy Switzerland5-4
 Blanes HCFGermany9-0

Day 2Catalonia Germany7-4
 Blanes HCFCatalonia2-2

5th-6th placesFranceGermany5-1
Semifinal 1ItalyCatalonia8-6
Semifinal 2Blanes HCFSwitzerland7-2

3rd-4th placesCataloniaSwitzerland5-3
FinalBlanes HCFItaly2-1
Group A
Group B
Blanes HC4110112
Men standings
 2.   Italy
 3.   Catalonia
 4.   Switzerland
 5.   France
 6.   Germany
Women competition
Friday 30Germany England5-2

Saturday 1Germany Chile2-1

Sunday 2ChileEngland4-2
Women standings
1. Catalonia9300155
2. Germany6201108
3. Chile310266
4. England0003517
IV Blanes Tournament - Grup Tarradellas Cup - 2007
Memorial └lex Ros - May 30th to June 3rd, 2007
Men competition
Day 1World ProtexFrance6-1
 Blanes HCFColombia5-0

Day 2ItalyFrance2-4
 World ProtexBrazil9-5
 ChileBlanes HCF1-5

Day 3FranceBrazil3-3
 ItalyWorld Protex0-5
 Blanes HCFCatalonia1-2

7th-8th placesItalyColombia6-3
5th-6th placesBrazilChile4-3
Semifinal 1World ProtexCatalonia7-3
Semifinal 2Blanes HCFFrance5-2

3rd-4th placesCataloniaFrance5-1
FinalBlanes HCFWorld Protex6-4
Men standings
 2.   World Protex
 3.   Catalonia
 4.   France
 5.   Brazil
 6.   Chile
 7.   Italy
 8.   Colombia
Women competition
Friday 1ChileItaly7-1

Saturday 2Italy Catalonia2-13

Sunday 3ItalyFrance3-4
Women standings
1. Catalonia7210226
2. France7210139
3. Chile31021113
4. Italy0003624
PÓgina de la Federaciˇ Catalana de Patinatge sobre la BLANES GOLDEN CUP 2008