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(29/05/2008) Amunt

Catalonia is the champion of the Golden Cup after beating Viva Habitat Blanes in the final 4-2.

The first occasion of the match has been of Miquel Angel Sanchez who has sent the ball to the pole and the match has continued with a phase of many fouls that cut the rhythm of the game, until Brichs scored in the minute 6 turning a shot of Del Amor (1-0). Several changes of Catalonia have been useful for keeping fresh the players, who continued attacking with new clear opportunities and some shots on the pole. Blanes has increased the pressure on the goal of Llaverola until Àlex Ridaura has been able to finish off a far shot that has made Rodriguez for drawing the match. Blanes has rised with this goal, and Àlex Ridaura has shot a ball on the pole and later Llaverola has halted a direct foul launched by Dani Rodriguez.

The second half has started also with an intense game and to the minute 33 Armengol has surprised Llaverola -that was waiting for a pass on the second pole- to make a strong shot on the first pole for advancing Blanes with the 2-1. Little afterwards Blanes would have been able to sentence, but Llaverola has halted a direct foul of Armengol. This has given strength to the Catalans that have reacted with a goal of Selva (2-2) and a great goal of Pelicano that has shot from the center of the field and has entered for the set square. At two minutes for the end Brichs has sentenced with the 4-3

At the end of the match, the mayor of Blanes, Josep Trias has given Jaume Llaverola the Cup of Winners for Catalonia and a prize of 6.000 euros to stay in the new sportive complex in Blanes. Viva Habitat Blanes has received the trophy of second place and a stay of 3.000 euros in the new sportive complex in Blanes. Pelicano and Brichs (Catalonia) have been the top goalscorers with 7 goals both.

On monday there will be a reception in the Museum Colet at 17.00, and on tuesday the catalan team will return to training to prepare the Copa América that will be played from July 14th to 20th in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Catalonia: Llaverola, Brichs, Del Amor, Grasas, Pelicano, -cinc inicial- Selva, Càceres, Lladó i Molet.

Viva Habitat Blanes: Freixas, Benito, Sánchez, Kimi Ridaura, Armengol -cinc inicial- Àlex Ridaura i Rodríguez.

Referes: Oscar Valverde i Antonio Gómez.

Goals:1-0 Brichs (min 6); 1-1 A. Ridaura (min 15); 1-2 Armengol (min 33); 2-2 Selva (min 38.30); 3-2 Pelicano (min 41); 4-2 Brichs (min 48)

(29/05/2008) Amunt

Italy: Fontana, Palagi, Marchini, Cocco, Squeo -- Papapietro, Nicoletti, D. Motaran i M. Motaran.

France: Gelebart, Huvelin, Landrin, Lasnier, Tarassioux, -- Hamon, Henry, Moriceau i Lesca.

Referees: Josep Anton Ribó and Albert López Expósito. Blue card: Squeo (Italy).

Goals:1-0 Squeo (min 7.30); 1-1 Landrin (p) (min 15); 2-1 D. Motaran (min 19); 3-1 Cocco (p) (min 32); 3-2 Huvelin (min 35); 4-2 Squeo (min 36.30); 5-2 Papapietro (min 37); 5-3 Henry (min 48.30)

(28/05/2008) Amunt

Switzerland has beaten Angola 5-2, reaching the fifth place, playing with Angola in a balanced match until mid second half.

Von Allmen scored 1-0 on minute 6 and André draw the match at minute 20. After the halftime Switzerland has scored 2-1 (Münger) and André has drawn the match again. At this moment the experience of the Swiss players has pushed them to score three straigh goals (Infante, García Méndez and Jiménez) to win with a clear scoreboard.

Switzerland: Langenegger, Von Allmen, Jiménez, Munger, García Méndez, -- Wirth, Von Daeniken, Kissling i Infante.

Angola: Mitó, Kiza, Kirro, André, Adao -- Márcio, Johe, Kwenha i Mamikua.

Referees: Albert López Expósito and Joaquim Serraclara.

Goals:1-0 Von Allmen (min 6); 1-1 André (min 20); 2-1 Münger (min 30); 2-2 André (min 39); 3-2 Infante (min 40); 4-2 García Méndez (min 43); 5-2 Jiménez (min 45.30)

(28/05/2008) Amunt

Viva Habitat Blanes has beaten Italy 4-1 and will play the final vs. Catalonia, to see who will be the one that wins their third Blanes Golden Cup.

The players of Blanes have started the match ready to show who are the current champions and scored the first goal (Ramon Benito) at minute 5, that could be decisive if Armengol didn't miss a penalty few minutes later. Then, the Italians responded with a goal for Squeo, really clever, that drawn the match to the halftime.

In the second half Ramon Benito has surprised again with another goal (2-1) causing that Italians, that have played very well, advance their positions. This has been exploited for Kimi Ridaura -twice- to leave the definitive 4-1.

Viva Habitat Blanes: Freixas, Benito, Sánchez, Armengol, Kimi Ridaura, -- Àlex Ridaura i Rodríguez.

Italy: Barozzi, Marchini, Palagi, Cocco, Papapietro -- Squeo, Nicoletti, D. Motaran i M. Motaran.

Referees: Juanjo Prades and Josep Gómez. Acumulative Blue card: Sánchez (Blanes) and Squeo (Itàlia).

Goals:1-0 Benito (min 5); 1-1 Squeo (min 11); 2-1 Benito (min 29); 3-1 Kimi Ridaura (min 30.30); 4-1 Kimi Ridaura (min 49.30)

Viva Habitat Blanes will play their fifth straigh final at 19:00 (Canal 33) vs. Catalonia.

(28/05/2008) Amunt

Catalonia has beaten France 10-4 and will play the final of the Blanes Golden Cup.

It has been a match with a lot of goals with both teams playing in high quality. The start of the game has been really balanced, with a first goal of Càceres in a long shot -coming from the mid of the field- that has surprised Gelebart. Landrin, in a free kick, has drawn the match one minute later, and Xavi Brichs has scored after a refuse from Caceres' shot, advancing Catalonia again. Pelicano has scored the 3 a 1 after a penalty and Landrin has exploited again a penalty reaching his second goal and showing that is a great player in this kind of situations. Then some players have substituted the ones that were inside and Molet has scored for 4-2 before a minutes of hard game.

The beginning of second half has been decisive because, within six seconds, Brichs has scored the 5-2 after shotting an assist of Càceres, and 30 seconds later Càceres placed the 6-2 in the scoreboard, what has stopped a reaction of the French in the second time. Catalonia has pressed with their plays and with the third goal for Brichs, receiving an assist of Càceres again, and a great goal for Molet (8 a 3). The French reacted with a sensational Moriceau's goal after an assist of Lasnier, but Del Amor has done the 9-3. The final score has been 10-4 with a goal by Lasnier and another one for Xavi Lladó, receiving an assist of Càceres who has highlight in this kind of play.

Catalonia: Llaverola, Càceres, Brichs, Pelicano, Grasas -- Del Amor, Selva, Molet, Lladó i Arellano.

France: Gelebart, Henry, Hamon, Landrin, Tarassioux, -- Huvelin, Moriceau, Lasnier, Lesca i Guillen.

Referees: Josep Anton Ribó and Antonio Gómez. Acumulative red card: Henry (France). Acumulative blue card: Grasas (Catalonia)

Goals:1-0 Càceres (min 4); 1-1 Landrin (fd) (min 5.30); 2-1 Brichs (min 6); 3-1 Pelicano (min 8.30); 3-2 Landrin (p) (min 10); 4-2 Molet (min 20); 5-2 Brichs (min 25); 6-2 Càceres (min 25.30); 7-2 Brichs (min 30.30); 8-2 Molet (min 40); 8-3 Moriceau (min 41); 9-3 Del Amor (min 43); 9-4 Lasnier (min 43); 10-4 Lladó (min 48)

Catalonia will play the final on Sunday with the winner of the match Blanes-Italy. It will be broadcasted on Canal 33 at 19:00

(27/05/2008) Amunt

Viva Habitat Blanes has overcome France for 3-0 after a great first time.

The initial goal of Ramon Benito at minute 1, surprising the French, has marked the fate of a match that has been solved in the first half with the goals of Armengol and Sánchez. In the second part the French have accused the fact of playing two matches in a same day and they have not been able to play as good as a Blanes, thinking more on keeping strength for the semi-finals that will play Saturday vs. Catalonia at 17:15 (Canal 33).

Ernest Freixas has halted every balls again and remains as the only goalkeeper of the tournament that have not received a goal.

Before the start of the match, there has been a homage to Àlex Ros, who was vicepresident of Blanes HC

Viva Habitat Blanes: Freixas, Benito, Sánchez, Armengol, Kimi Ridaura, -- Àlex Ridaura, Rodríguez i Plaza.

France: Gelebart, Huvelin, Henry, Landrin, Tarassioux, -- Moriceau, Hamon, Lesca i Lasnier.

Referees: López Expósito and Serraclara.

Goals:1-0 Benito (min 1); 2-0 Armengol (min 12.30); 3-0 Sánchez (min 18)

The second semifinal will Viva Habitat Blanes-Italy, at 19:15.

(27/05/2008) Amunt

Catalonia has classified as first of group after beatng Italy 2-1, in their second consecutive victory.

The first goal has been scored by Raül Pelícano (goalscorer leader at the moment) after kicking a penalty at minute 10. This goal have not changed the match and both teams have been fighting hardly in an intense match that has arrived to halftime with 1-0. On second half the game has continued with great plays and Llaverola has done a good job to leave the score as it was, when Xavi Brichs has done the 2-0 that gave calm to Catalans ten minutes before end. But at last minutes Squeo has scored the 2-1, recovering the emotion, altough Catalonia would classify as first of group even with the draw.

Catalonia: Llaverola, Cáceres, Selva, Pelicano, Lladó -- Del Amor, Brichs, Grasas i Molet.

Italy: Barozzi, D. Motaran, M. Motaran, Palagi, Cocco -- Squeo, Papapietro, Nicoletti, Marchini, Fontana.

Referees: Luis Delfa and Gerard Gorina.

Goals:1-0 Pelicano (p) (min 10); 2-0 Xavi Brichs (min 39.30); 2-1 Squeo (min 48.30)

The semifinal Catalonia-France will be broadcasted on Canal 33 at 17:15

(27/05/2008) Amunt

France has beaten Angola 4-3 in a balanced match.

French have advanced on scoreboard with two goals in the first ten minutes (Landrin and Huvelin) what presaged a comfortable match, but two goals scored within one minute for Angola (Kwenha and Kiza) have left a draw in the scoreboard till, one minute before half time, Landrin has kicked a penalty for the 3-2. On second half Henry scored on minute 44 and Miguel replyed with the 4-3 one minute later, returning the emotion to the match.

The French victory advances them to semifinals, with the chance to reach the top position of the group if they win Viva Habitat Blanes in the last match of their double-match day.

France: Gelebart, Huvelin, Henry, Landrin, Tarassioux, -- Moriceau, Hamon, Lesca and Lasnier.

Angola: Pedale, Kirro, André, Adao, Márcio -- Kwenha, Kiza, Miguel, Mamikua.

Referees: Aleix Gorina and Gerard Gorina.Acumulative blue cards for Henry (France), Miguel (Angola) and Adao (Angola).

Goals:1-0 Landrin (min 1.30); 2-0 Huvelin (min 9.30); 2-1 Kwenha (min 20); 2-2 Kiza (min 20.30); 3-2 Landrin (p) (min 24.50); 4-2 Henry (min 44); 4-3 Miguel (min 44.30)

Angola will play for the fifth place with Switzerland in the last match of saturday, at 21:00.

(26/05/2008) Amunt

Catalunya has won Switzerland 7-3 in the match with more goals of the day.

Catalonia has started the Blanes Golden Cup with a really good match in front of the runners-up of the world championships, with a great game of Raül Pelícano that has scored 4 gols -3 in the first 15 minutes for 3-0. After that, Von Allmen has done the 3-1, but Brichs and del Amor (twice) has separated again the result with 6-1. Von Allmen and Von Daeniken shortened the scoreboard for 6-3, and at hte end Raül Pelícano has closed the with the definitive 7 a 3.

Catalonia: Llaverola, Brichs, Cáceres, Selva, Grasas, -- Pelicano, Del Amor, Lladó i Molet.

Switzerland: Dietrich, Jiménez, Munger, García Méndez, Wirth, -- Von Allmen, Infante, Von Daeniken i Kissling.

Referees: Luis Delfa and Joaquim Serraclara.

Goals:1-0 Raul Pelicano (p) (min 12); 2-0 Raul Pelicano (min 13.30); 3-0 Raul Pelicano (min 15); 3-1 Von Allmen (min 16.30); 4-1 Xavi Brichs (min 19); 5-1 Jordi Del Amor (min 26); 6-1 Jordi Del Amor (min 32); 6-2 Von Allmen (min 37); 6-3 Von Daeniken (min 48); 7-3 Raul Pelicano (min 49)

(26/05/2008) Amunt

Viva Habitat Blanes has beaten Angola 6-0, showing that aspires to renew the champions title for the Blanes Golden Cup with a clear victory, waiting the match with France to decide the leader af the group A.

The scorers have been Armengol and Kimi Ridaura, with two everyone, and Àlex Ridaura and Dani Rodríguez that have scored once.

Before the start of the game was done a homage in memory of the Angola mechanic, dead this week in Blanes. The rest of the games of the day did the same homage.

Viva Habitat Blanes: Freixas, Benito, Sánchez, Armengol, Àlex Ridaura, -- Kimi Ridaura, Rodríguez i Plaza.

Angola: Pedale, Kirro, Joy, André, Adao, -- Kiza, Miguel, Cuellar i Marco.

Referees: Josep Anton Ribó and Gerard Gorina.

Goals:1-0 Àlex Ridaura (min 7.30); 2-0 Armengol (min 10); 3-0 Armengol (p) (min 14); 4-0 Dani Rodríguez (min 36); 5-0 Kimi Ridaura (min 37); 6-0 Kimi Ridaura (p) (min 48)

(26/05/2008) Amunt

Italy has beaten Switzerland 2-1 scoring at the last minutes of the match after overturning a 1-0.

As it was expected, the match with the runner-up of the World Championship and a renewed Italy has been really balanced, with a good start of Switzerland that has played a good hockey. At the beginning of the second half, García Méndez has scored the 1-0 for Switzerland, as a prize for their good game. But the last five minutes have been decisive for the italians, that have played as well as they use to do, and have scored twice with Squeo (min. 44) and Papapietro (48.30) for the final 2-1.

Switzerland: Dietrich, Von Allmen, Jiménez, Munger, García Méndez, -cinc inicial- Kissling, Wirth, Infante i Von Daeniken.

Italy: Fontana, Nicoletti, Marchini, Papapietro, Squeo, -cinc inicial- Cocco, Palagi, M. Motaran, D. Motaran i Barozzi.

Referees: López Expósito i Aleix Gorina. Vermella acumulativa a García Méndez de Suïssa i blaves acumulatives a Wirth de Suïssa i Nicoletti d'Itàlia.

Goals:1-0 García Méndez (fd) (min 26); 1-1 Squeo (min 44); 1-2 Papapietro (min 48.30)

(30/05/2008) Amunt

Today starts the fifth edition of the Blanes Golden Cup with the match among the teams of Switzerland and Italia at 16:30, a strong game to start with the runner-up of the world championship and the fourth team of 2007. At 18:30 it will be the debut of the local team, the Viva Blanes, who will play with the team of Angola, trained by Miquel Umbert. Later, at 20:00, arrives the second strong game of the day, where the potential of the teams of Catalonia and Switzerland will be put on trial, in a game that could perfectly be a world finals.

Viva Habitat Blanes will struggle to achieve the cup in property, if win the Golden Cup for the third consecutive time. Although, Catalonia wants to demonstrate their high level again and aspires to win the contest clearly also for the third time, few days before of going to Argentina to participate in the Copa America as one of the maximum favorites for the title. The teams of Switzerland, Italy and France want to demonstrate what they can do, in a last test for their players before the European Championships.

(19/06/2008) Amunt

The players for Catalonia national team will be:

 Jaume Llaverola (p)(HC Liceo)
 David Cáceres(Proinosa Igualada)
 Jordi del Amor(Vilanova l'Ull Blau)
 Xavi Lladó(Hoquei Lloret)
 Joan Manel Grasas(HC Liceo)
 Xavier Brichs(Noia Freixenet)
 Josep Maria Selva(Noia Freixenet)
 Jordi Molet(Alnimar Reus Deportiu)
 Raül Pelícano(Hoquei Lloret)
 David Arellano (p)(Vilanova l'Ull Blau)

Most of these players will be in the Copa America 2008 in Argentina, on July.

(30/05/2008) Amunt

Today it has been presented the fifth edition of the Blanes Golden Cup that will be played from June 26th to 29th in this Catalan city, with the presence of 5 national teams, Catalonia, Italy, Switzerland, France and Angola, beside the Viva Habitat Blanes.

Catalonia will be able to demonstrate again their potential in front of top teams in this contest recognized officially by the International Committee of Rink Hockey (CIRH). A contest that has a lot of quality, with first level national teams and opened to the hockey that is practiced in other continents, as Africa, with the presence of Angola.

The level of the teams is one of the best that can be found in Europe in these moments. Among the participant teams there will be Catalonia that won in the two first editions and wants to demonstrate again their potential.

Also, there will be the national team of Switzerland, which was runner-up in the recent World Championships in 2007. However there will be another team that has always given the necessary support to the tournament, Italy, with an enviable international list of victories that includes several international championships and has very experienced players. The tournament will be completed with France, that every year rises their level, and Angola which will be one of the clear bets from the hockey practiced in other continents, highlighting for their physical potential and expecting that can cause very good impression in the tournament.

The Blanes Golden Cup will start on Thursday, June 26th with the first round of the contest. Saturday will be the turn for the semi-finals and the tournament will close on Sunday with the great final that will be played in the Municipal Pavilion of Blanes.

The act has been opened by the town councilor of sports, Anselm Ramos, and later has intervened the president of Blanes HCF, Josep Ridaura, who has highlighted the level of the teams in this new edition. Either he has not forgotten about the support that has received this year from several companies and from the town council to organize the tournament.

The president of the Catalan Federation, Ramon Bassiana, has highlighted the effort that makes Blanes every year for organizing this contest and explained that is an honor for Catalonia to compete with the level that gives the Blanes Golden Cup, however he has not hidden the desires that he has to win the contest for the third time.

The act has been closed by the mayor of Blanes, Josep Trias, that explained the implication of the city with rink hockey and the importance that the Blanes Golden Cup has, one of the most recognized tournament of the international calendar, and what represents to the city. The Blanes Golden Cup will start next 26 June and is one of the few occasions to watch Catalonia competing with the best teams of the world in an international tournament.

BLANES GOLDEN CUP 2008 - Memorial Àlex Ros

From June 26th to 29th will be played the fifth edition of Blanes Golden Cup-Memorial Àlex Ros, organized by Viva Hàbitat Blanes Hoquei Club Fundació, with 5 national teams and the host team, that will perform a great tournament with 4 of the 8 best teams in the 2007 World Championships.

V.H. Blanes Winners of Blanes Tarradellas Cup 2006 and 2007
Winners of King's Cup 2001.
Catalonia World "B" Champions 2004.
Winners of Blanes Tarradellas Cup 2004 and 2005
Runner-up at Copa América 2007.
Switzerland Runner-up at 2007 World Championships.
Runner-up at 2006 European Championships.
Italy 4th place at 2007 World Championships.
4 times World Champions (97, 88, 86 and 53).
France 5th place at 2007 World Championships
5th place at 2006 European Championships.
Angola 8th place at 2007 World Championships.
7th place at 2005 World Championships.

 June 30th, 2008
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