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Catalonia will defend Blanes Golden Cup title tomorrow playing with Italy after beating Viva Habitat Blanes 6 - 3. This match has been played by the two teams that has won the competition ant the game has responded to the expectations. First half has been really balanced and Catalonia has scored only one goal (David Cáceres). In the second half two teams have attacked hardly and there have been scored 7 goals in seven minutes (from 11th to 18th). With the 3 a 5 in the scoreboard, Blanes has tried to reduce the gap but has been Edu Fernández who has scored the definitive 3-6, classifying Catalonia to a great final with Italy.

Canal 33 will broadcast the final.

Viva Habitat Blanes: Ernest Freixes, Ramon Benito, Kimi Ridaura, Xevi Armengol, Jepi Selva - Dani Rodríguez and David Plaza.

Catalonia: Jaume Llaverola, Joan Manel Grasas, Edu Fernández, Joan Feixas, David Cáceres - Roger Rocasalbas, Jordi Carbó and Xavi Lladó.

Referees: Josep Gómez and Iván González. Blue card: Armengol and Benito (Blanes) - Fernández and Feixas (Catalonia).

Goals: 0-1 Cáceres (min 14); 0-2 Grasas (min 36); 1-2 Rodríguez (min 37); 1-3 Cáceres (min 38.30); 1-4 Feixas (min 40.30); 1-5 Cáceres (min 41.30); 2-5 Benito (min 42.30); 3-5 Benito (min 43); 3-6 Fernández (min 48.30);



Italy will play the final after beating France 8 - 0 with Massimo Tataranni scoring 5 goals and being the current top goalscorer. The match has 2 different halves. In the first half the match has been really balanced and has finished 1-0 for the italians. In the second half, italians have gone attacking and have won France with a big gap. Tomorrow will play the final.

France: Olivier Gelebart, Loïc Le Menn, Sébastien Furstenberger, Kevin Guilbert, Anthony Weber, -, Guirec Henry, Igor Tarassioux, Guilhem Lesca and Nicolas Guillen (ps).

Italy: Giovanni Fontana, Giovanni Zen, Juan Luis Travassino, Mattia Cocco, Massimo Tataranni, -, Domenico Illuzzi, Davide Motaran, Enrico Giaretta, Antonio D'Agostino an Andrea Ortogni (ps).

Referees: Antonio Gómez and Xavier Buixeda. Blue card: Cocco (Italy).

Goals: 0-1 Tataranni (fd) (min 24); 0-2 Tataranni (min 37); 0-3 Tataranni (min 39); 0-4 Tataranni (min 39.30); 0-5 Illuzzi (min 41.30); 0-6 Tataranni (min 43.30); 0-7 Illuzzi (min 48); 0-8 D’Agostino (min 48.30)



Angola has got the fifth place after beating Austria 11 - 3. Austrian players have scored first (0-2) but players of Angola have showed again the good hockey played with France and Catalonia and have won the match scoring 11 goals. Austria has been fighting till the 3-3 but then Angola have played better.

Angola: Henda Leite, Kirro, Rui André Gomes, Toy Adão, André Centeno, - Coxe, Johe, João Pinto, Zé das Botas, Mamikua i Mito (ps).

Austria: Marco Wagner, Michael Schwendinger, Joachim Mohr, Manuel Parfant, Thomas Haller, - , David Huber, Martin Laritz, Thomas Kessler i Roman Mohr (ps).

Referees: Xavier Galán and Aleix Gorina. Blue card: Kessler (Austria).

Goals: 0-1 J. Mohr (min 3); 0-2 Parfant (min 6); 1-2 Centeno (min 8); 2-2 "Kirro" (fd) (min 12.30); 3-2 "Johe" (min 17); 3-3 Parfant (min 18.30); 4-3 Centeno (min 21.30); 5-3 "Johe" (min 23.30); 6-3 "Johe" (min 29.30); 7-3 "Johe" (min 33); 8-3 Zé das Botas (min 33.30); 9-3 João Pinto (min 34); 10-3 "Johe" (min 35.30); 11-3 Marcio (min 45.30);



Catalonia beat Viva Habitat Blanes 7 - 2 and the catalans get the first place in the classification after Germany defeat. The match started with 5 goals in the first eight minutes scored by Maria Majó, Blanca Soldevila, Odette García, Yolanda Font and Anna Gil, for the 4-1. At the beginning of second half Catalonia scored two new goals -Blanca Soldevila and Yolanda Font- and after that Jana Verdura and Maria Díez closed the scoreboard with the final 7-2.

Catalonia could tomorrow win the title of the Blanes Golden Cup for third time in a row if win or tie with Germany, even losing for only one goal. The germans need to win by 2 or more goals. This are good reasons for seeing a great match with several of the best players in the world to win the title.

Canal 33 wiull broadcast the match.

Catalonia: Laia Salicrú, Blanca Soldevila, Maria Majó, Yolanda Font, Marta Montpar - Anna Gil, Maria Díez

Viva Habitat Blanes: Virginia Díaz, Ester Artigas, Odette García, Judith Barranco, Jana Verdura

Referees: Núria Castellví and Mireia Estrada. Blue card: Artigas (Blanes).

Goals: 1-0 Majó (p) (min 2); 2-0 Soldevila (min 4); 2-1 García (min 4.30); 3-1 Font (min 5); 4-1 Gil (min 8.30); 5-1 Soldevila (min 21); 6-1 Font (min 23.30); 6-2 Verdura (min 31); 7-2 Díez (min 33.30)



Current European champions, Germany, have complicated their situation after being defeated by France 2 - 4 and tomorrow must win Catalonia (by more than 2 goals) to win Blanes Golden Cup. Germany has scored first (Paczia) but 2 goals by Leborgne and Drouhet has reversed the scoreboard. Geismann scored last german goal.

Germany: Christina Reinert, Nicole Paczia, Gina Behnke, Anne-Marie Sesterhenn, Laura La Rocca - Josy Strunden, Beata Geismann, Jenny Delgado i Simone Firll.

France: Angela Rodríguez, Emilie Couderc, Sandra Drouhet, Adeline Leborgne, Tatiana Malard - Malvina Fort, Cindy Laurent, Julie Lafourcade i Flora Michoud-Godard(ps).

Referees: Núria Castellví and Mireia Estrada. Blue card: Geismann (Germany)

Goals: 1-0 Paczia (min 0.30); 1-1 Leborgne (p) (min 15.30); 1-2 Leborgne (min 27); 1-3 Drouhet (min 28); 2-3 Geismann (min 37); 2-4 Drouhet, min 38.30.



Viva Habitat Blanes: Ernest Freixes, Kimi Ridaura, Dani Rodríguez, Xavi Armengol, "Jepi" Selva - Ramon Benito i David Plaza.

Italy: Giovanni Fontana, Giovanni Zen, Juan Luis Travassino, Mattia Cocco, Massimo Tataranni - Mottaran, Antonio D’Agostino, Enrico Giaretta, Domenico Illuzzi i Andrea Ortogni (ps)

Referees: Luis Delfa and Pere Ramos. Blue card: Kimi Ridaura (Blanes).

Goals: 1-0 Benito (p) (min 18); 2-0 Plaza (min 31); 3-0 Armengol (min 34.30); 4-0 Benito (p) (min 44); 4-1 Tataranni (min 47)



Catalonia: Jaume Llaverola, Roger Rocasalbas, Jordi Carbó, Edu Fernández, David Cáceres - Joan Feixas, Joan Manel Grasas, Francesc Gil i Xavi Lladó.

France: Olivier Gelebart, Sébastien Furstenberger, Kevin Guilbert, Sébastien Landrin, Anthony Weber - Guirec Henry, Igor Tarassioux, Guilhem Lesca i Loïc Le Menn.

Referees: Luis Delfa and Xavier Buixeda. Blue card: Grasas (Catalonia).

Goals: 0-1 Landrin (min 4); 1-1 Rocasalbas (min 21.30); 1-2 Henry (p) (min 31); 1-3 Landrin (min 43); 1-4 Guilbert (min 43.30)



Austria: Roman Mohr, Martin Laritz, Michael Schwendinger, Joachim Mohr, David Huber - Manuel Parfant, Thomas Kessler, Thomas Haller i Marco Wagner (gk)

Italy: Giovanni Fontana, Giovanni Zen, Juan Luis Travassino, Mattia Cocco, Massimo Tataranni - Mottaran, D’Agostino, Giaretta, Domenico Illuzzi i Ortogni (gk)

Referees: Xavier Buixeda and Pere Ramos.

Goals: 0-1 Cocco (min 1); 0-2 Cocco (min 12); 0-3 Illuzzi (min 18); 0-4 Illuzzi (min21.30); 0-5 Tataranni (min 24.30); 0-6 Mottaran (min 28.30); 0-7 Zen (min 32); 0-8 Illuzzi (min 34.30); 0-9 D’Agostino (min 42.30); 0-10 Zen, (min 48); 0-11 Tataranni (min 48.30); 0-12 Tataranni (min 49.30); 0-13 Tataranni (min 49.58)



Catalonia: Caterina Ortega, Emma Corominas, Cristina Barceló, Paula Torner, Marta Monpart - Yolanda Font, Maria Díez and Rosa Tamburini.

France: Angela Rodriguez, Malvina Fort, Sandra Drouhet, Adeline Leborgne i Tatiana Malard - Julie Lafourcade, Emilie Couderc, Cindy Laurent.

Referees: Núria Castellví and Mireia Estrada. Blue card: Lafourcade, Malard and Drouhet (France) and Yoli Font (Catalonia).

Goals: 0-1 Leborgne (min 2); 1-1 Corominas (min 5.30); 1-2 Laurent (min 12.30); 2-2 Motxa Barceló (min 16); 3-2 Font (min 22); 4-2 Barceló (min 39)



Viva Habitat Blanes: Virginia Díaz, Noemí Dulsat, Odette García, Anna Armero, Jana Verdura - Judith Barranco, Marina Serra, Paula Segura i Txell Rubio (ps).

Germany: Christina Klein, Nicole Paczia, Anne-Marie Sesterhenn, Josy Strunden, Beata Geismann - Firll, Laura La Rocca, Jenny Delgado, Gina Behnke i Carolin Reinert (ps).

Referees: Núria Castellví and Mireia Estrada. Blue card: Behnke (Germany).

Goals: 0-1 Geismann (min 3); 0-2 Sesterhenn (min 3.30); 0-3 Paczia (min 11); 0-4 Geismann (min 14.30); 1-4 Verdura (min 19.50); 1-5 Firll (min 29); 1-6 Geismann (min 31.30); 1-7 Geismann (min 37); 2-7 García (min 39).


INTERVIEW WITH JOSEP MARIA BARBERÀ, women's catalonia Head Coach

1) Catalonia has won 2 Blanes Golden Cup titles. How do Josep Maria Barberà faces the competition?

With desire to defend the title, with the utmost enthusiasm for keeping the cup at home.

2) What are the strengths of the rivals to take care?

Germany: The experience of having won the European Championship, and is a team very competitive and experienced.
France: The same as Germany. Also, a player was playing in Catalonia so knows very well our players.
Viva Habita Blanes: Despite his limited games played as a team, have local support from all the fans.

3) For the Catalan national team you has called 12 players because some of them have exams these days. On one hand this means having to change the team depending on the day, and the other is also an opportunity for more players to compete with the national team. How do you see it and how will you handle it?

We actually had to call more players than usual, because some girls have exams. We have had to adapt the national team depending on the technique and tactics of the rival.

4) This year in the competition will be the current champions of Europe, Germany, and the fifth in the world, France. In the first two editions, there was the world champion, Chile. What do you think about the competition ?

This will be a very competitive year and everybody could watch the best women hockey in Europe.

5) Catalonia has won twice Blanes Golden Cup, was runner up in the Copa America and 9 Catalan players were world champions in 2008. This shows the high level of catalan women hockey and it seems clear that if Catalonia could participate in World Championships would be always be fighting for medals. How do you see the road to total officiality?

Ours feelings always we play for Catalonia is to demonstrate our values and maximum competitiveness and make everything we have to do -even in training matches- and show that we are ones of the best in the world. The question of the papers, leave to the offices.

6) Women's roller hockey is evolving very positively in recent years with several initiatives to promote it and increasing competition at all levels. What aspects of these developments will you highlight and which could be improved?

I think it's very positive the fact that throughout history in Catalonia has prevailed the culture of associations and thus we have always been stronger. It's really good the creation of an international association here in Catalonia. In the area of promotion and training in women we must thank all the clubs in Catalonia and all the players for their effort to grow this, and we see that every day makes it more strongly. For our part, the Federation, and from my place of Catalonia's national head coach, I try to help every place of Catalonia. We think we have a lot of future for the women's hockey because the hockey is also for women and veryone could play it.

7) What are the next targets of the national team?

Prepare us well for the Copa America 09.



Catalonia: Jaume Llaverola, Joan Manel Grasas, Edu Fernández, Joan Feixas, David Cáceres - Roger Rocasalbas, Jordi Carbó i Francesc Gil.

Angola: Mito, Márcio Fernandes, Rui Miguel Gomes, Anacleto Silva "Kirro" i André Centeno - Rui Andre Gomes, "Johe", "Kiza", João Pinto i Henda Leite (ps).

Referees: Antonio Gómez and Gerard Gorina. Blue card: Rui Miguel, Joao Pinto and Kiza (Angola).

Goals: 0-1 Grasas (min 12); 0-2 Rocasalbas (min 20); 3-0 Feixas (p) (min 24); 1-3 "Johe" (min 43); 4-1 Gil (min 44)



Viva Habitat Blanes won Austria 15 - 1, a scoreboard that reveals the higher level of Blanes in front of Austria, even so Austria scored first with a Farfants's goal (min 4). This goal has been equaled one minute later with a goal of Armengol, and has started a collection of goals, going to halftime with a 4-1. In the second half, several players have taken part in the game allowing that 6 of them scored: Armengol (5 goals), Rodríguez and González (3 goals), Benito (2 goals), Selva and Plaza (1 goal).

Viva Habitat Blanes: Ernest Freixes, David Plaza, Ramon Benito, Xavi Armengol, "Jepi" Selva - Dani Rodríguez, Fran González, Alfons Serrano i Pere Serrano (ps).

Austria: Marco Wagner, Michael Schwendinger, Manuel Parfant, Thomas Haller, David Huber - Thomas Kessler, Martin Laritz, Joachim Mohr i Roman Mohr (ps).

Referees: Gerard Gorina i Raul Burgos. Blue acumulative card: Schwendinger d’Austria.

Goals: 0-1 Farfant (min 4.30); 1-1 Armengol (min 5); 2-1 Benito (min 9); 3-1 Armengol (fd) (min 10); 4-1 Selva (min 10.30); 5-1 Rodríguez (min 26.30); 6-1 Armengol (min 27.30); 7-1 Armengol (min 29.30); 8-1 González (min 30); 9-1 Armengol (p) (min 30.30); 10-1 Rodríguez (p) (min 33); 11-1 González (min 34); 12-1 González (min 38); 13-1 Benito (min 39); 14-1 Rodríguez (min 43); 15-1 Plaza (min 45)




Angola has beaten France 4 - 2, showing their ambitions to play the semifinals. Angola has always been ahead in the scoring, controlling the game with long plays, while France was responding with direct attacks.

Angola: Mito, Anacleto Silva "Kirro", Rui André Gomes, Toy Adão, André Centeno - Rui Miguel Gomes, João Pinto, Zé das Botas and Mamikua.

France: Olivier Gelebart, Sébastien Furstenberger, Guirec Henry, Sébastien Landrin, Anthony Weber - Igor Tarassioux, Kevin Guilbert, Guilhem Lesca, Loïc Le Menn and Nicolas Guillen (ps)

Referees: Antonio Gómez and Raul Burgos. Blue card: Landrin (France); Acumulative blue card: Kirro (Angola) and Henry (France).

Goals: 1-0 Adão (p) (min. 7:30); 1-1 Weber (min. 9); 2-1 Adão (p) (min. 14); 3-1 Centeno; 3-2 Le Menn (min 41:30); 4-2 Zé das Botas (min 46);



Men's and women's Catalonia national teams were training on Tuesday in the sportshall of Massana to preparare Blanes Golden Cup.

More than 50 sportspeople, including players and coachs, met to prepare the participation of Catalonia in the state and international championships to be held during next days.

Joan Riera and Alfred Verdaguer, members of the Board of FECAPA, encouraged all the players to achieve the best results from the good work to be provided inside and outside the court: "Catalan teams represent values of sportsmanship, effort and commitment to overcome a job well done that has become a reference worldwide. Who wears the shirt of Catalonia should be very clear what this means

For his part, the head coachs Josep Barberà (women) and Jordi Camps (men) showed up very satisfied "This year we want to show again that when CATALUNYA plays, our sport wins. Our objectives are work, rigor and consistency. "


INTERVIEW WITH JORDI CAMPS, men's catalonia national team head coach

1) What are the sensations to prepare the participation of Catalonia in the 2009 Blanes Golden Cup as title holders?

Very positive and ready to start again to compete with Catalonia.

2) What are the strengths of the rivals to take care?

Angola: They are physically strong and have been working long to achieve a good level.
Àustria: Is a team that is preparing next B World Championship that will be played in their country, so I suppose that they want to do so well.
Blanes HC: As usual, is the rival to be considered because it's their tournament, and since the end of season they have been preparing to win.
França: I think they will come with a combined team with veteran and young players and, as always, they should go into consideration
Itàlia: As always, is a team full of good players that can win any game.

3) In addition to the participation of Blanes, and two powerful teams such as Italy and France, this year Angola repeate and Austria debute. What do you think about this competition and about every year is open to new teams?

I think it's important that this tournament is known worldwide, and so many teams participating in it will be better for our sport and for the tournament.

4) Catalonia has won 3 times Blanes Golden Cup, was twice runner-up in the Copa America and won the "B" World Cup in Macau, proving that if Catalonia participate in World Championships "A" would be fighting for top positions. How do you see the path to the total officiality ?

Matter of politics. Sportpeople have already shown that we want to represent Catalonia and we have the level to do it.

5) The world of hockey is still debating how to improve it. What are the aspects that could be changed ?

Next season the rules will change, so now we must wait and see how they work.

6) Wich are the targets for Catalonia national team ?

Compete how many times as possible.



Josep Maria Barberà, catalan head coach, has announced 12 players for Blanes Golden Cup:
Laia Vives (p)(CP Voltregà)
Laia Salicrú (p)(Cerdanyola HC)
Caterina Ortega(CP Vilanova)
Cristina Barceló(CP Voltregà)
Maria Majó(Arenys de Munt)
Paula Torner(Cerdanyola HC)
Maria Díez(Proinosa Igualada)
Emma Corominas(CP Vic)
Rosa Tamburini(Sant Cugat)
Yolanda Font(Cerdanyola HC)
Marta Monpart(CP Voltregà)
Anna Gil(Proinosa Igualada)

The list include 12 players due to coincidence of Tournament days with the university exams for several players.



National head coach, Jordi Camps, has announced the list of players for the Blanes Golden Cup 2009:
Jaume Llaverola (p)(HC Liceo)
Joan Manel Grasas(HC Liceo)
Xavi Lladó(Hoquei Lloret)
Jordi Carbó(CP Vic)
David Cáceres(Noia Freixenet)
Joan Feixas(Noia Freixenet)
Roger Rocasalbas(CP Vilanova)
Edu Fernández(Proinosa Igualada)
Francesc Gil(Lleida Llista Blava)
David Arellano (p)(CP Vilanova)

Catalonia national men's team will train in the Tordera's sportshall on June 12, 13, 15 and 16.

  June 2009


Angola, trained by Catalan head coach Miquel Umbert, is in Catalonia to prepare for Blanes Golden Cup and World Cup 2009.

The players that have travelled here are three goalkeepers, Mitó, Henda Leite and Tiago Sousa, and 13 field players, Toy Adão, Anacleto Silva "Kirro", Kiza, Mamikua, Márcio Fernandes, José Cardoso "Zé das Botas", Juju, Jordão Marques, Zumba, Rui André, Rui Miguel, João Vieira "Johe" and André Centeno.

They have played 4 matches with Catalan teams, with two wins, one draw and one defeat. The last game was in Igualada -with the home team at the end of season- and represented a victory for Angola 2-0.



3-6-2009 The 6th edition of Blanes Golden Cup-Memorial Àlex Ros, that will be played from June 18 to 21 in the Pavelló Municipal, has been presented today. In this edition, with more than 150 elite players, will be recovered the women competition.

Men competition will start on thursday 18th and will finish on sunday, with the great final broadcasted on TV. In the first round, teams will play in two groups of 3 to reach the semifinals. Catalonia -three times champions- and Blanes HC -twice- will fight to win again with Italy and France -that use to be in the Blanes Golden Cup-, Angola -that participates for the second time- and Austria -that plays for the first time.

Women competition will start on friday and will be played as a league. Catalonia -twice champions- will compete with Germany -current European Champions-, France and Blanes HC.

In the presentation, the president of Blanes HC -Josep Ridaura- has highlighted the importance of further disputing the tournament and the fact that it's one of the best tournaments in the world as Montreux. Also, explained the case of Austria, when Blanes HC went there to play the CERS competition and Austrian people knew Blanes because the Golden Cup.

After that, Anselm Ramos -sports councillor- and Josep Trias -Mayor- emphasized the fact that it's good for sports and tourism to promote the town and the pride of Blanes citizens to see how grows the competition and having a world-renowned tournament, with the collaboration of the council.

Representing the Catalan Federation, Joan Riera highlighted the importance of seeing Catalonia's national team in a tournament internationally recognized by CIRH and which may be a first step to achieve normalcy in Catalan national teams. He also highlighted the role of the Golden Cup in the way that Catalan federations has to achieve international recognition.


Blanes Golden Cup 2009 is played from June 18 to 21 in the pavelló municipal de Blanes.

ANGOLA8th place in 2007 World Championship
7th place in 2005 World Championship

AUSTRIA5th place in the 2008 "B" World Championship
9th place in the 2006 "B" World Championship

BLANES2006 and 2007 Blanes Golden Cup Champions
2001 Cup Champions

CATALONIA2004 "B" World Champions   ·   2007 and 2008 Copa America runners-up   ·   2004, 2005 and 2008 Blanes Golden Cup Champions

FRANCE4th place in the 2008 European Championship
5th place in the 2007 World Championship

ITALY4th place in the 2007 World Championship   ·   3rd place in the 2008 European Championship   ·   4 times World Champions (97,88,86,53)

BLANESFirst appearance in the Blanes Golden Cup

CATALONIASeveral players are World Champions   ·   2006 and 2007 Blanes Golden Cup Champions   ·   2007 and 2008 Copa America runner-up

FRANCE5th place in the 2008 and 2006 World Championship
2005 European Champions

GERMANY2003 and 2007 European Champions
7th place in the 2008 World Championship

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 April 9
La Golden Cup de Blanes tornarà a tenir competició femenina   (El 9 esportiu)

      Portal de la Federació Catalana de Patinatge sobre la Blanes Golden Cup 2009