May 18 to 21 - Chile 2007
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(21/05/2007) Amunt
Photo with several teams
Catalan team, runners-up

Finally Chile has won Catalonia 5-4 in an intense and really contended match for last minute, when it has decided with a goal of Francisca Puerta at 40 seconds of the end. This goal, which joined in with the other four that previously had marked herself, has decanted a match that had a constant equality (2-2 on the halftime), and that at two minutes of the end was winning Catalonia for 4-3 after making a magnificent match.

The Chileans had put themselves from the front with two goals of Francisca Puerta (min. 2 and 4) that have been equaled by the 1-2 of Cristina Barceló and the 2-2 of Emma Corominas before arriving at the half time. Already on the second time, Pancha Puertas has advanced her team again to minute 7, but 30 seconds later Maria Rosa Tamburini has made the 3-3. For lack of 10 minutes Cristina Barceló has marked the 4-3 favorable to the Catalans but in two fateful final minutes Pancha has scored two goals that have provoked the delirium among the Chilean public who filled in the Gimnasio Olímpico de San Miguel.

Catalan team: Laia Salicrú, Paula Torner, Cristina Barceló, Emma Corominas and Maria Rosa Tamburini. Also have played Maria Majó.
Six players who, as they have made all the Catalan players in this championship, have struggled in epic way until the end, to them with a full pavilion with 3.000 Chileans animating non-stop and pressing the referees, one of which has injured itself for lack of four minutes

The Catalan players have made a magnificent championship in spite of not having been able to repeat at the final the victory which they achieved against the champions of the world in the regular phase, and the figures guarantee it since they have been those that have made more goals and those that have fit in less.

They have played well and have made it feeling the colors of Catalonia, demonstrating that a sensational human set has formed and that has enjoyed the Catalans of Santiago, that have accompanied them.

It has been a magnificent demonstration of the great level of the women roller hockey in Catalonia.

But this doesn't stop here since in ten days the Catalans will demonstrate their qualities with the Chilean players again in the second women edition of the Tarradellas Cup, with the intention of repeating the victory of last year.

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> The catalan players will arrive to the Barcelona Airport on wednesday.

> Next edition of Copa America will be in colmbia in 2009.

(21/05/2007) Amunt
Semifinal Catalonia-United States
Players of the two teams

The catalan team has won the United States 9-0 and will play the final of the Copa América 2007 with Chile that has beaten the brazilians 2-0.

The players of Catalonia have been: Laia Salicrú, Paula Torner, Maria Rosa Tamburini, Cristina Barceló and Emma Corominas. Also have played: Vicki Rodriguez, Iolanda Font, Laura salvador, Berta Tarrida and Maria Majó.

The goals have been scored by Paula Torner (1-0 and 2-0), Iolanda Font (3-0 and 4-0), Cristina Barceló (5-0) - half time - Berta Tarrida (6-0), Laura Salvador (7-0) Iolanda Font (8-0) and Laura Salvador (9-0).

The goalscorers in the Chile-Brazil match have been Fernanda Urrea and Tadish Prat.

To the final arrive the two stronger teams of the contest, the Catalans with the illusion of demonstrating their potential winning the championship and the Chileans with the desires to demonstrate that they are the world champions and recovering from the defeat of yesterday.

It will be a really interesting final as the chileans are sure that they will win.

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(21/05/2007) Amunt
Catalonia-United States

The Catalan team has faced the match against the United States knowing already first of the regular phase. To the minute 15 Iolanda Font had already marked two goals, what has done that the american players increase their attacks achieving to equal the scoreboard in 2. But two goals more of Iolanda Font at the last minute of the first half have decanted the match in favor of the Catalans, that have increased the scoreboard at the second half with five goals more: Cristina Barceló, Laura Salvador, Iolanda Font, Cristina Barceló and the last one of Iolanda Font that with the six goals that she has made in this match has been put on top of the list of goal scorers.

At the beginning have played for Catalonia: Vicki Rodriguez, Paula Torner, Cristina Barceló, Iolanda Font and Maria Rosa Tamburini. Also have played Emma Corominas, Maria Majó and Laura Salvador.

The first match in the afternoon has ended with the victory of Brazil on Colombia, what has provoked a triple draw that has left the Colombians out of the semi-finals for the difference of goals.

Catalonia-United States9-2

The semifinals will be Chile-Brazil and Catalonia-United States

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(20/05/2007) Amunt

Catalonia has beaten the current champions of the world, Chile, for 2-1 in a match really equaled in front of the Chilean public who filled in the pavilion. The Chilean players have advanced on the scoreboard at the minute 4 of match with a goal of Fernanda Urrea but a good goal of Paula Torner three minutes later has left the scoreboard in draw in 1. Four minutes later Emma Corominas finished off a good assistance of Cristina Barceló to make the 2-1. The selection was playing very well in attack and was defending perfectly to the Chilean players who have not lost spirit even with good keeps of Laia Salicrú. The two last minutes before the halftime has been filled of attacks and continuous counterattacks that have ended with a sudden end of the first part.

At the second half it has continued the good game and Chile has wasted a penalty for lack of 14 minutes. In the last instants the pressure about the Catalan players has been very strong but they have gone out perfectly.

On the catalan side, have played at the beginning Laia Salicrú, Cristina Barceló, Paula Torner, Emma Corominas and MªRosa Tamburini. Also have played Maria Majó and Laura Salvador.

Colombia-United States 5-3

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(20/05/2007) Amunt

> At Canal 13 chilean website is possible to watch the match Chile-Catalonia live at 22:00 (local time). Click here.

(19/05/2007) Amunt

In the afternoon Catalonia has defeated Brazil for 3-1 in a match that has not been at all easy since the Brazilian players have improved a lot with respect to the match of yesterday with the US. All goals have been made on the first time (3-1), with 1-0 of Maria Rosa Tamburini, and 2-0 and 3-0 of Emma Corominas, to finish with the goal of Brazil marked by Erica Bueno.
The Catalan selection has formed with: Laia Salicrú, Maria Rosa Tamburini, Cristina Barceló, Paula Torner and Emma Corominas. Maria Majó has also played.
The second time, without goals, has not been played with the same rhythm of the first and the goalkeeper of Brazil, Anny Margareth, has had a great role.

In the last match of the day, the most thrilling until now of the championship, Chile has ended up winning the United States for 4-3 in an epic final. The match started with 0-2 by Lisa Joosten and Shilo Schmelcher that surprised to a Chilean team that equaled the scoreboard with goals of Francisca Puertas and Fernanda Urrea. But immediately Lisa Joosten advanced again the americans demonstrating the good play of their team. And it has not been until four minutes of the end that Fernanda Urrea tied a match that has ended up deciding with a goal of volley at three minutes of the end by Tadish Prat. This goal has turned the euphoria among the local players who have ended up comparing this spectacular victory with the one that they achieved against Portugal in the World Championships 2006.

Chile-United States4-3

On sunday will be played a really interesting match Chile-Catalonia and the Colombia-United States in the morning and Brazil-Colombia and Catalonia-United States in the afternoon.

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(19/05/2007) Amunt
Catalonia Team

The Catalan team has debuted to the second day of the contest with a victory for 6-0 in front of Colombia, demonstrating the solidity of a team who aspires to everything. The goal scorer of this match has been Maria Rosa Tamburini, with 4 consecutive goals. Emma Corominas has made 1-0 and Cristina Barceló has marked the definite one 6-0 in the second part.
The 5 players of Catalonia that begun the match were: Laia Salicrú, Paula Torner, Maria Rosa Tamburini, Cristina Barceló and Emma Coromines. Also played Laura Salvador, Maria Majó, Yolanda Font and Berta Tarrida.

In the other match Chile has won Brazil with two goals of Francisca Puertas and one of Fernanda Urrea, usual goal scorers. The goal of Brazil has been scored by the player-coach Erica Bueno.


In the afternoon there will be played Brazil-Catalonia and Chile-United States.

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(19/05/2007) Amunt

This Friday the contest has started with the victories of the United States over Brazil for 2-0 and of the selection of Chile 6-1 over Colombia.

The americans (7th in the world championship 2006) have overcome Brazil in a good match, with the goals of the players Shilo Schmelcher and Celilidh Sligh. After the amusing opening ceremony, Chile has won 6-1 the Colombian selection, in a first part very amusing and adjusted that has ended with the result of 2-1. At the beginning of the second time, with two goals of fast execution, the colombians have given in to the superiority of the current champions of the world, with three players that have scored, Roberta Urrea, Fernanda Urrea and Francisca Puerta.

Brazil-United States0-2
Opening ceremony
Catalan team

In the opening ceremony the hymn of Catalonia has been played and has filled in with jewel the catalan assistants in the Gimnasio Olímpico de San Miguel, venue of the championship. Previously, in the morning, the Catalan delegation had made a touristic walk in the center of the city.

Today the Catalan team enters in action in a match against Colombia in the morning and another against Brazil in the afternoon. The other two matches will be Chile-Brazil in the morning and Chile-United States in the afternoon.

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(18/05/2007) Amunt

The Catalan selection could make the first training in the Gimnasio Olímpico de San Miguel, where the championship will be contended for. And hours later the Catalan delegation made a visit to the Casal Català where was received with all attention, receiving like gift a clock commemorative of 100 anniversary, by the president of the entity, Mr. Sigfrid Grimau, who at the same time was corresponded for the Catalan Federation. In this encounter the conicidences between the Catalan Center and the Catalan Federation were highlighted since both struggle for achieving that ours rights and culture are known all over the world.

Today for the morning, the selection makes a touristic visit in the historical center of Santiago and in the afternoon a training in the pavilion of game, previous at the beginning of the championship with the Brazil-United States match, the opening ceremony and the match Chile-Colombia.

The Catalan selection does not play until Saturday at 12 hours against Colombia, and in the afternoon at 7 hours against Brazil.

First training for the catalan team
In the Casal Català de Chile

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(17/05/2007) Amunt

The Catalan team has arrived to Santiago de Chile after more than 19 hours on journey where is ready to contend for the Copa America 2007.

At 12 the press conference to presentate the event has been made by the leaders of the CONFEDERACIÓN SUDAMERICANA DE PATÍN, with the president Armando Quintanilla at the head, and of the FEDERACIÓN CHILENA DE PATINAJE in presence of a numerous group of the sport press.
In the afternoon, the players will make a training of 15 minutes on the pavilion where they will play the matches, the Gimnasio Olímpico de San Miguel.

Later, in the evening, the Catalan delegation visits the Casal Català of Santiago de Chile where there is a reception foreseen on the occasion of the presence of the Catalan team in Chile.

Catalan team ready to go
Press conference - Copa America 2007

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(09/05/2007) Amunt

Federació Catalana de Patinatge presents the players that will participate in the second edition of women roller hockey's Copa America :

Goal KeepersLaia Salicrú(CE Arenys de Munt)
 Vicky Rodriguez(PHC Sant Cugat)
Floor playersLaura Salvador(CE Noia Freixenet)
 Maria Rosa Tamburini(PHC Sant Cugat)
 Cristina Barceló(CH Sant Feliu)
 Maria Majó(CE Arenys de Munt)
 Paula Torner(CP Vic)
 Yolanda Font(CHP Bigues i Riells)
 Emma Corominas(CP Vic)
 Berta Tarrida(CE Noia freixenet)
TrainerJosep Maria Barberà 

(03/05/2007) Amunt

Confederação Brasileira de Hóquei e Patinação confirms their participation in the Copa America 2007:

Goal KeepersAnny Margareth
Floor playersBruna Selva
 Gabriela Didier
 Andréa Reguera
 Marcela Couto
 Cristiana Borges
 Érica Silva
TrainerÉrica Silva

Érica Silva, Anny Margareth and Andréa Reguera played in the World Championships 2006. Érica Silva will be player and trainer in this competition.

(27/04/2007) Amunt

La USA Roller Sports Federation presents the players for the Copa America 2007.
The United States of America will play this championship for the first time.

Goal KeepersKristy Trussell
 Danielle Walter
Floor playersChristina Fritz
 Kylie Hughes
 Lisa Joosten
 Autumn Lee
 Kylee McWilliams
 Shilo Schmelcher
 Ceilidh Sligh
 Jessica Spiedel
TrainerFrankie Lee

(Abril/2007) Amunt
Copa America 2007, organized by the municipallity of San Miguel and the Federación Chilena de Hockey y Patinaje, and supported by the Confederación Sudamericana de Patín, will be played from May, 18 to 21 in Chile, with the teams of:

Chile 2006 World Champions.
Runner-up in the Copa America 2006.
Brazil 9th place in the 2006 World Championships.
Runner-up in the World Championships of 2004 and 2002.
Catalonia Several players are runner-up of the 2006 world championships.
Champions in the Tarradellas Cup 2006.
Colombia 8th place in the 2006 World Championships.
Champions of Central America.
United States 7th place in the 2006 World Championships.

Pàgina de la Federació Catalana de Patinatge sobre la COPA AMÈRICA 2007