May 18 to 21 - Chile 2007
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Josep Maria BarberÓ.
Trainer of the Catalonia Team
> Which is the objective that you seek with the catalan team in this competition?
I have a very clear goal, which is to accept the challenge of the great illusion and the great responsibility that we have of being the first team that participates officially in this new stage of the Catalan selections of roller sports. We want to carry out a good championship, to attempt to make a hockey of quality, have a positive attitude in all matches, and to remain the more up possible, since we have some rivals who are great.
> ?Which are the most difficult rivals?
First of all I want to highlight Chile, the current champion of the world and organizer of Copa America, and also the selection of Brazil that reached the second place in the world championship in 2002 and 2004. Either we can not leave apart Colombia, because they go with a renewed selection and many illusions of making a big role in the tournament. United States is always an unknown factor, but is worth to say that is a country that is highlighting every time more in roller sports, have a great number of players and I have references that have made a very good team.
> What do you think about the roller hockey in South America
There's no doubt that the sudamericanes selections have a very high level, we do not forget that Chile is the current champion of the world. And good evidence of this is the organization of this tournament, one of the most competitive at world-wide level.
PÓgina de la Federaciˇ Catalana de Patinatge sobre la COPA AM╚RICA 2007