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(3/06/2007) Amunt
Viva HÓbitat Blanes
Champions of Grup Tarradellas Cup 2007
World Team Protex
Runners up of Grup Tarradellas Cup 2007

Viva HÓbitat Blanes has been proclaimed winner of Tarradellas Cup 2007 by second consecutive year on winning the World Team Protex for 6-4 in a thrilling final.

Both teams have left clear from the beginning their quality and concentration in a thrilling final that has been a lot contended since all players have been a lot put in the match. A match that has started well for Blanes with a goal of Armengol at minute 5 and a shot on the crossbar of Kimi but the World Team, as has made in all the match, has retorted immediately with a goal few minutes afterwards. And Armengol has again finished off a very good assistance of Raed to make on 2 to 1 that has been equaled little afterwards for Didi in a direct fault. The same player had been able to advance the world team protex before the halftime in another direct fault but he has failed.

The second half has started with speculative game from both teams until an impressive shot of Lladˇ from 15 meters that has put on 3 in 2 on the scoreboard. The goal that has made Kimi next leaving on 4 in 2 seemed that it had to give quietness to the local team but immediately Toni Sßnchez has put again emotion with 4-3. Then Armengol of direct fault has made his third goal for the 5 in 3 but, again, Pere Varias has shortened distances with the 5 in 4. Then there were moments of tension and the world team protex has increased the pressure with continuous attacks even though they has wasted the launches of direct faults that have been very well halted by Joan Freixes in an end of match spectacular. To the last minute, in a play of counterattack, └lex Ridaura has sentenced with the 6-4.

VH Blanes-World Team  6-4
Catalonia-France   5-1

The final has been broadcasted by Canal 33 and also on internet.

Catalonia has won France for 5-1 in the match for the third place.

With the victories of Viva HÓbitat Blanes in the men competition and Catalonia in the woment competition, finishes 5 days of high level hockey in a very well organized international competition by Blanes Hoquei Club Fundaciˇ, with the support of the sponsors.

(3/06/2007) Amunt
Champions of Tarradellas Cup 2007
Champions of Tarradellas Cup 2007

Catalonia has been proclaimed champion of the Tarradellas Cup for second consecutive year after winning Chile for 6-1 in a match that has been equaled until little before the halftime but that finally the Catalans have solved with clarity in the second time.

After the adjusted victory of France over Italy for 3-4 the Catalans had to win to the champions of the world to attain the 7 points that gave them the title for difference of goals, since Catalans and Frenchwomen tied their match.

Finally Chile has remained in third position with 3 points and Italy in fourth.

The French players had to win to Italy and to possible being to score high them in the supposed case that the Catalans won to the Chileans, but have ended up winning 4-3 without reducing the advantage of goals that Catalonia took to them of their match with Italy. In this way they have attained very meritoriously the same points than Catalonia after the direct draw and the victory about the champions of the world and they have been second only because of the difference of goals.

In the Catalonia-Chile match there has been a lot of equality and tension in the first part since the Catalans played the title and the Chileans wanted to win the Catalans to remain second place sustaining her enhances of the champions of the world. And it has not been until two minutes before the halftime that Catalonia has advanced with a goal of Marta Soler and little afterwards another goal of Maria Rosa Tamburini has left the match in the good way.

In the second half, with more quiteness, Maria Rosa Tamburini has made two goals that have sentenced the match with 4-0. M˛nica Piosa has made the 5-0, Fernanda Urrea has made the 5-1 and Marta Soler has closed the scoreboard with the 6 in 1 that proclaims Catalonia as champions of Tarradellas Cup 2007.

(2/06/2007) Amunt
World Team-Catalonia  7-3
VH Blanes-France   5-2

The World Team Protex has won to Catalonia for 7 in 3 and will play the final against the winner of the VH Blanes-France.

Catalonia has advanced in the scoreboard in the first attack of the match with a goal of Casanovas that has pioneered a phase really balanced where both teams has kept on being alternated in the scoreboard until arrives the 2-2, with goals of Mirko Bertolucci (2) and Joan Feixas bouncing Toni Sßnchez. But two goals followed by Mirko Bertolucci and Mariotti have separated the worldteam that has arrived at the halftime with an advantage of 4-2.

The second half has continued with good game of Catalonia but with more success of the world team in order to goal that has moved away in the scoreboard with two goals of Toni Sßnchez and the fourth of Mirko Bertolucci, and before the end Casanovas has achieved to reduce little with the 7 in 3.

In the match for the fifth place Brazil has won to Chile for 4-3 in a match where the Brazilian goalscorer Selva has made more three goals more that sustain him provisionally at most goal scorer of the contest.

Viva HÓbitat Blanes has won France for 5-2 and tomorrow will play their fourth final of Tarradellas Cup (in four editions) against the World Team Protex, with the aim to win again this competition. The french have played very well, but Blanes has won with goals by Benito (2), Raed, Armengol and └lex Ridaura.

In the last match of the day Italy has beaten Colombia for 6-3 with three goals by Mattia Cocco, two by Alberto Peripolli and another for Marco Motaran. In the colombian side have scored RamÝrez (2) and Carvajal.

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Tomorrow, the final will be broadcasted on TV at 17:00 (time in catalonia) and on internet.

(2/06/2007) Amunt
Catalonia has won clearly Italy for 13-2 demonstrating their level of game in a match that has started very well for the Italians with a 0-2 won to minute 4, with goals of Vannucci and Galeassi, with the general surprise. But a partial of 5-0 started with two goals by Cristina Barcelˇ, one of Paula Torner, one of Maria Rosa Tamburini and another of Barcelˇ have left the Italians without power of reaction. Another goal of Barcelˇ before the halftime has left the scoreboard in 2-6.

On the second half has continued the good game of the Catalans with 7 goals more of M˛nica Piosa (2), Laura Salvador, Marta Soler Iolanda Font (2) and Emma Corominas.
This high score can give the Catalans the title if tomorrow they win Chile, since they tied with the Frenchwomen, that now are the direct rivals to the title after winning to the Chileans, and that it could be decided on the difference of goals.

In the other match, France has surprised Chile (world champions) for 6-3 in a match taht has dominated since the beginning (4-0) with a great play of Vanessa Daribo who has scored 3 goals. Tomorrow the frenchwomen will try to score a lot fo goals to Italy and wait and see what happens in the last match Catalonia-Chile to be the champions. If Catalonia wins to Chile and Franša beats Italy, the title will be decided by the difference of goals.

(1/06/2007) Amunt
Catalonia-VH Blanes  2-1
World Team-Italy   5-0

The semifinals will be World Team - Catalonia and Viva HÓbitat Blanes - France after the results of today.

The draw of France with Brazil 3-3 has classified the French with 4 points to play the semi-finals as second of group.

The World Team Protex has won without problems Italy for 5 in 0 that, against every prediction, has not classified for the following phase.

In the first match of the group A, Chile has won Colombia 3-2 and they had to wait the result of VH Blanes-Catalonia to know if they will be classified.

And in the last match Viva Habitat Blanes - Catalonia has been produced an adjusted victory of the Catalan selection for 1-2 that provokes a triple draw in the group A, what does that the Blanes classifies as first of group and Catalonia as second thanks to the particular goal-average among the three teams.
The Catalan selection has arrived to the halftime with 2-0 that gave them quietness thanks to the goals of Quim Pujadas and Jordi Carbˇ, but a goal of Kimi Ridaura only to start the second part it has given emotion to the match since with a second goal of Blanes (achieving the draw) it has left out Catalonia.

The semi-finals of tomorrow will be World Team - Catalonia at 16:30 (broadcast by television and internet) and VH Blanes-France at 19:30. Chile and Brazil will play to achieve the fifth place and Italy and Colombia for the seventh place.

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(1/06/2007) Amunt
The feminine contest has started with a clear victory of the champions of the world Chile over Italy for 7-1 demonstrating their quality about the italians.

Catalonia and France have tied 3-3. The Catalan players have dominated the match but without being able to reflect it in the scoreboard, already that there was a draw 2-2 on the halftime. The goals of the Catalans have been scored by Maria Rosa Tamburini (2) and Paula Torner, and those of the Frenchwomen of Espin, Ducourtioux and Leborgne.

(31/05/2007) Amunt
Catalonia-Colombia 11-1
VH Blanes-Chile 5-1

Another surprise in the Tarradellas Cup, this time with the victory of France over Italy for 4-2. The Italian players, as they made yesterday, had the match dominated with a 2-0, but the French have achieved to make a goal psychological little before the halftime and, in a very good second time, to turn the scoreboard upside down in front of one of the most powerful selections.
Now Italy remains in a difficult situation if they want to go to the semi-finals since tomorrow they will have to win to the World Team Protex that has being demonstrating a very high level of game and in the two first matches has won clearly the same rivals wich the Italian selection has not been able to win.

In the second match, the players of the World Team Protex have continued demonstrating their quality and this time have won to the Brazil for 9-5 in a good match full of goals and spectacle. The draw in 4 of the halftime demonstrates the equality that there has been in the first 25 minutes where none of both teams have ever been able to come apart for more than one goal. But one partial of 5 in 1 in seven minutes has ended up decanting the result in favor of the world Team that has already been classified for semi-finals as first of group and moreover only into two matches.

In the Colombia - Catalonia has been the match with the biggest scored of the tournament until now with a result of 1-11. The Catalan players wanted to demonstrate that the match of yesterday was an accident making many goals in front of the Colombians which they had achieved to tie 1-1 in the first moments but that they have not been able to stop the good game of the Catalans. Tomorrow the Catalan Team will have to repeat the good game in front of the Viva HÓbitat Blanes to classify for the semi-finals.

VH Blanes has won to Chile for 5 in 1 with goals of Benito (2), Kimi, Plaza and Armengol that leave the local team as a leader alone of the Group A with 6 points and tomorrow they will have enough with a draw to be first of group.

And this friday starts the women competition with a Chile-Italy and a Catalonia-France.

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(30/05/2007) Amunt
Catalunya-Chile 3-4
VH Blanes-Col˛mbia 5-0

La Grup Tarradellas Cup held by Blanes Hoquei Club Fundaciˇ has started with many goals, emotion and surprises with the victory of Chile on Catalonia 4-3, the draw of Italy with Brazil 5-5 and the clear victory of the World Team Protex on Brazil 6-1. Viva HÓbitat Blanes has won Colombia 5-0 in the last match of today.

The Wold Team Protex has presented their candidature to win the trophy winning 6-1 France in a match dominated by those of Miquel Umbert. With the 6-0 to minute 46 everything seemed finished but France has scored the goal of the honor at few minutes for the end.

In the second match, after a very good start of the Italian team that foreseeing a calm match, the Brazilian selection has achieved to tie the match in a thrilling end. Italy was winning 4-1 in minute 29, but Brazil has entered in the match tying in 4 for lack of 8 minutes. At 30 seconds of the end Italy has made 5-4 that seemed definite, but Brazil has worked the match until the end and has tied in 5 few seconds later, in a last minute full of emotion.

In the match Cataluya-Chile an authentic surprise has been produced to one of the favorites after a thrilling match defeating the Chileans for 3-4.
The first half has been under control of the Catalans that have advanced in the scoreboard at the minute 21 with a goal of PelÝcano. But in the second time Chile has achieved to turn the cutting situation upside down constantly and tying in the minute 30 with a goal of Pablo Jara, the authentic protagonist of the night. A minute later, the same player broke the dynamics and put on 1-2 leaving his team leading the match. Later, several penalties scored (2 for side) have left the definite scoreboard with 3-4 and the first defeat of Catalonia that now needs to win the two next matches in this first phase. The Chilean team has ended up celebrating this victory with joy.

The Viva Habitat Blanes has started the Grup Tarradellas Cup with a hard victory in front of Colombia that has played well stopping all the occasions of Blanes thanks to a great performance of the goalkeeper Corral that has kept all the shots until Raed has made 1-0 of penalty.

> There are more details (pdf) in the Competition section.

(23/05/2007) Amunt
The Federazione Italiana Hockey e Pattinaggio announces the players for the men team that will be in the Tarradellas Cup 2007. This players will also participate in the world championship in Montreux (Switzerland) from june 16.
PlayersAndrea dal Zotto (p) (Primavera Prato)
 Leonardo Barozzi (p) (CGC Viareggio)
 Marco Motaran (Hockey Lodi)
 Davide Motaran (Hockey Novara)
 Leonardo Squeo (CGC Viareggio)
 Nicola Palagi (CGC Viareggio)
 Marco Liberalon (Roller Bassano)
 Sergio Festa (Roller Salerno)
 Alberto Peripolli (Hockey Breganze)
 Giovanni Zen (Bassano Hockey 54)
 Mattia Cocco (ASH Valdagno)
CoachAlessandro Cupisti
(4/05/2007) Amunt
The Grup Tarradellas Cup-Memorial └lex Ros held by Blanes Hoquei Club Fundaciˇ will be played this 2007 on its fourth edition converted in an international tournament totally established in the roller hockey, that searches every year new initiatives to promote the roller hockey all over the world. This international tournament is recognized by the International Committee of Rink-Hockey (CIRH) what involves that the level of participant teams is comparable to the great world or european events. For this motive the dates will coincide some time before the world championship that will be celebrated in Switzerland. The edition of this year will contend for the days 30 and 31 May and 1, 2 and 3 June.

As novelties, the men competition has increased this year the number of teams to 8, and they will put on in practical some of the regulations that are being tested actually, and some new ones, during the tournament to make the hockey even more spectacular.


V.H. Blanes Champions of Tarradellas Cup 2006.
Champions of cup 2001.
Brazil 8th place in the world championship 2005.
5th place in the world championship 2003.
Catalonia Champions of Tarradellas Cup 2005 and 2006.
World champions "B" 2004.
Colombia 3rd place in the world championship "B" 2006.
World champions "B" 2002.
France 6th place in the world championships 2005 and 2003.
Italy 4th place in the world championship 2005.
4 times world champions (97, 88, 86 and 53).
Chile 10th place in the world championship 2005.
9th place in the world championship 2003.
World team Team with some of the best players in the world.


Chile World Champions 2006.
Champions of Copa AmÚrica 2007.
Catalonia Several players are runners-up in the world championship 2006.
Champions of Tarradellas Cup 2006.
France 5th place in the world championships 2006 and 2004.
Italy 10th place in the world championship 2006.

About the competition, in the men edition the teams will divide in two groups and the two best of each will play the semi-finals. In the women edition, which will start on Friday the 1st June, the system of the last year will be followed, with a league that will determine the champions.

Continuing with the idea of converting this event in a world-wide referent, this year an exhibition match among persons who suffer some type of handicap will be played with the intention of aproacching more the roller hockey to all of the society, demonstrating that it could be a close sport to everybody.

PÓgina de la Federaciˇ Catalana de Patinatge sobre la TARRADELLAS CUP 2007